Why Robo Con?

  • Robo Con strives to provide an exciting opportunity for kids of all ages to learn about STEM, robotics and FIRST in a fun & interactive way. At Robo Con, participating FTC teams can win prizes and trophies, meet some of the top teams from around the world, and learn new things from the best of the best!
  • Teams can make Robo Con their very own off-season FTC event, gaining both bragging rights and knowledge. The best part of this event is that it is designed to be a lot of fun, ranging from a modified FTC game, to mentors trying their hand at driving robots!
  • If you are coming to MTI, maybe you could come to Robo Con also, it is only 5 days earlier and just 1 hour drive away. Hey! Two tournaments in one trip! Any takers?

Here are just few of the STEM oriented activities we have planned for Robo Con this year

This is a “living document”. We will add-remove activities as we find people to run/host more activities.

    • Drive a real FTC robot
    • Find out how to get involved with FIRST robotics at any age
    • Participate in a workshop to create a First Lego League (FLL) robot in under 2 hours!
    • 3D printing workshop where you can learn about and how to use 3D printers. Special thanks to Annovations, for making this happen!
    • Computer Aided Design (CAD) booth, where you learn how to CAD in under 2 hours!
    • 3D print simple, useful objects you could take home with you!
    • Hear about how to start a First Tech Challenge (FTC) and First Lego League (FLL) robotics team yourself!
    • A booth for the koawalib Github library used by FTC teams
    • Seminar on the best practices for Odometry and how Odometry works.